The Experience

Careyitos dive Experience

On a typical diving day, you will arrive at the boat between 8am-9am. Once the crew is ready, you will head out to the first dive site.

We do not believe in speed, as we have seen what it does to our air breathing creatures who are hurt by fast going vessels. Therefore, our average speed 10 to 12 knots

After your first dive, it is time to head to shore and have some lunch before the second dive. We always will provide a lunch during our 90 minute rest period between dives. Lunch usually consists of purified water, fresh fruit, guacamole, chips, tuna salad, turkey, ham, fresh bread, crackers, cheese, and salsa...and cookies for dessert. I have eaten the same lunch for forty years and I always look forward to it after the first dive.

After the second dive, we head back to the marina. Your day of diving typically ends around 3pm-4pm.