About Us

Ricardo Madrigal

Owner and Operator

Careyitos Divers was born as a business in 1980 in Cozumel when there were only 10 diving operators on the island.

Since our start, we have continuously tried to improve our diving and our services to suit the most advanced to novice divers with the same attention and desire to better them and make them progress from the basic mechanics to the finesse of the sport.

We are now serving children and grand children of our then Young divers.

The operation has changed names from Careyitos Divers, to Careyitos Advanced Divers, and now to Careyitos Divers.

Our staff is composed of PADI certified instructors and divemasters, who are young and eager to work professionals like I was when I formed the initial team.

I am now 72 years old now working my way out of the front line. My staff has other ideas and wish to continue even without me, so here we are again hopefully to better take on where I leave off...

I will continue to dive, but not for a living, purely for pleasure.

I do not know how we rank in the best to worst scale as I never went with other dive operations, my only guide on that subject is that we are still here after 40 years.