Our Boat

The Boat

Our boat is a 38 ft Bertram with twin engines and propellers. Guests can relax on the large sundeck, or in the ample space found around the boat which allows for sitting or lounging while transiting to and from dive sites. We also have a bathroom on board.

We do not believe in speed, as we have seen what it does to our air breathing creatures who are hurt by fast going vessels. Therefore, our average speed 10 to 12 knots

We always will provide a lunch during our 90 minute rest period between dives consisting of purified water, fresh fruit, guacamole, chips, tuna salad, turkey, ham, fresh bread, crackers, cheese, and salsa...cookies for dessert. I have eaten the same lunch for forty years and I always look forward to it after the first dive.

Our crew:

Ricardo - Owner/Operator, Divemaster

Jose - Certified Captain, Carpenter, and fiber glass tech

Gaspar - Divemaster, 1st mate, and Captain

Cristobal - Instructor / Divemaster

Martin - Instructor / Divemaster

Ariel - Divemaster

Miguel - 1st mate

Hailler - 2nd mate